Shook Wedding || 9 Oaks Farm, Monroe GA

First wedding of the 2017 Fall Season was a total success! 9 Oaks Farm in Monroe, GA was beautiful and the weather was amazing.  I went to high school with Cole and Sydney (I was a little bit older, but we knew of each other) and so it was so beautiful to see them tie the knot! 

Cole and Sydney had also always known of each other but they didn't officially meet until after high school when Sydney was 18 and Cole was 21.  They were both going to the gym every day at the same time and Cole would always come up to Sydney and ask her if she was done using the machine, even though he knew that she wasn't (he just wanted to talk... how cute is that??!).  A few weeks went by and he finally built up the courage to ask her out on a date.

Their date consisted of Tin Lizzie's and talking for hours.  They both knew from the first date that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.  Sydney went home right after the date and confessed to her mother that Cole was the one for her. :)

After some time of dating, Cole and Sydney ended up buying a house together and they were throwing a house warming party.  Somehow Cole pulled it off and asked Sydney to marry him while they were opening gifts in front of all their family and friends. 

Every detail of this wedding was beautiful - the hair and makeup, the ceremony location, and the string lights all around the venue.  Cole cried as Sydney was walking down the aisle and from then on, you could tell their love for each other was genuine.  The way that they laughed together, danced together, and "ate" cake together :) (AKA... they smeared it in each other's faces). 

Mr. and Mrs. Shook - Thank you so much for the opportunity to capture this special day.  I pray that you always say "I love you" before your head hits the pillow, laugh with each other until you cry, and never stop believing in one another.  Remember to keep God at the center of your relationship and pray with and for one another!  I hope you love your images as much as I loved shooting them :)

~ Katelyn