Maynard Wedding || Cape San Blas, FL


What a precious day everyone had to celebrate the love and marriage of these two!! The day went exactly how the bride and groom wanted it - full of sun, family, and friends, and laughter.

Lindsey and Chad met while they were four-wheeling and Lindsey knew that he was the one when they went out to dinner one night and got in a stupid fight. She couldn’t even remember what it was about. But it got so bad that they left the restaurant before their food came (leaving money for the meal of course). They fought all the way home but by the time they pulled in the driveway they were laughing with each other and all was forgiven and forgotten. Lindsey realized that if they could get through that and still be best friends on the other side, then there was nothing they couldn't get through together. Chad got out of the car for some reason and when he got back in, Lindsey asked him to be her boyfriend. He said no. He said that the boy was supposed to ask that question, so she asked him if he would ask her to be his girlfriend. And he said no. A couple hours later he asked and of course she said yes and Lindsey thinks that they both knew that this would be it.

Chad planned a day trip by jet ski to the Yohna Dam where they were going to hike the Yonah Trail up to Panther Creek - one of their favorite hiking places. They got lost and hiked for miles looking for the trailhead. When they found it they realized that a storm had recently come through and knocked dozens of giant trees over into the trail. Lindsey figured they would just turn back, but next thing she knew Chad was climbing over the trees, pulling her along, and scrambling up the side of the mountain to get back to the trail. They got to a place on the trail where they were stuck between two giant trees and he finally decided that there was just no way they were going to get there. He started reaching into the bag and she thought he was getting snacks. Lindsey chugged her water bottle and when she turned around he was on one knee… he completely took her by surprise and she absolutely loved it!

Lindsey and Chad, I pray for a lifetime of love for you two!! I pray that you choose to submit to each other daily and love each other the way that the Lord loves us!

Love, Katelyn