Christofaro Wedding || Payne - Corley House, Duluth, GA

This day was so much fun!!! 

Jarred and Ashley were both servers at Olive Garden throughout college when they met - Ashley a server and Jared a bartender.  

Jarred took Ashley to Marker 7 Coastal Grill in Athens for dinner and afterwards they drove around to try and find the iron horse; however, they ended up at some sketchy boat ramp in Oconee County.  They made the best of it and talked for hours (still at the sketchy boat ramp haha).

A couple years went by and Ashley had really been wanting to go to Chateau Elan with all of her friends so her and her girlfriends planned a trip even though Jarred and the boys didn't seem that interested.  During the tour, they entered into the barrel room and there was a sign on the door saying that there was going to be a wedding ceremony that night, so Ashley didn't think much of the rose petals and candles everywhere.  Jarred, along with the rest of Ashley's friends and family, came out from behind the wine barrels and Jarred proposed!!!  

The wedding was so classy and so fun!  The bridesmaids and groomsmen got ready in a hotel down the road and then headed to the House for the wedding.  Everything was SO well decorated and the weather ended up being perfect (which is always a plus :)). 

Jarred and Ashley have a very adventurous relationship and their gifts represented this! Ashley got Jarred a compass engraved with the words "Where you go, I will go" and Jarred got Ashley a blanket with all the different places they've been together written on it!!  HOW SWEET!

Jarred and Ashley, your friends spoke SO highly of each of you and I could definitely see that ya'll brought out the best in one another! I pray that you continue to laugh together and look out for each other's needs over your own. Continue to encourage one another and kiss each other AS MUCH as often! :) Thanks so much for letting me capture such a sentimental day, ya'll are an inspiration! 

~ Katelyn