Walker Wedding || Fitzpatrick Hotel, Washington GA

Check out the new Mr. and Mrs. Walker's big day!! At the beautiful Fitzpatrick hotel in Washington, GA, these two held an intimate ceremony and reception representing their love and it was so much fun!

** The following information was taking off of their wedding website, www.elizabethanddustin.com **

"Dustin & Elizabeth met in 2007 while working the night shift at Target in Athens, Georgia. Elizabeth had just moved from California, and Dustin had recently moved to Georgia from Arizona. With lots in common and being the West Coasters they are, they immediately hit it off. After dating for 8 months, however, the two parted ways. They remained friends and kept in touch over the years through social media.

Many, many years later, in 2014, a chance miscommunication between the two on Facebook led to a rekindling of their early romance. They both had matured and accomplished life and career goals, and were ready for a serious relationship. In May of that year, they officially became a couple once again.

When the Carolina Panthers made it to the Super Bowl in 2016, Dustin joked that he would propose if his boys in blue won. Being the sneaky person he is, he actually planned to propose before the Super Bowl, knowing that it didn't matter if the Panthers won or not. On February 6, 2016, Dustin popped the question. Not being the eccentric or over-the-top type, he did it in a private moment in the couple's apartment in Athens."   

I feel like Elizabeth and Dustin's love was one of a kind.  They were not only lovers, but they were best friends and had so much fun together!! They drew out the best in each other and it was awesome to watch.  One of my favorite moments was when the band had the two dance together - Elizabeth went ALL OUT and then Dustin just gave her a hug.  It was so great to see their personalities come out so much in just that 5 minute dance. 

There were a couple other very special things about this wedding.  Elizabeth and Dustin had some family members pass away, including Elizabeth's father in 2008.  They had a whole table dedicated to the family members who couldn't be there and they also released butterflies at the ceremony in honor of those who couldn't attend! It was so beautiful.  

This next special thing blows my mind! Elizabeth hand made EVERY SINGLE bouquet, corsage, and boutonniere and they were amazing!!! Great job Elizabeth! 

Elizabeth and Dustin, I pray that you never stop loving each other as much as you loved each other on your wedding day.  I wish you the very best in your new marriage and I know that if you guys encourage one another and continue laughing together, you'll make it through anything! Stay in touch!! 

~ Katelyn