Wolf Wedding || Winder, GA

Check out this beautiful love story. 

I met Kristen in high school - which is the same time that Kristen met Kevin; however, we met in class while Kristen and Kevin met at his family's farm the summer before sophomore year.  One of Kristen's friends told her that she needed to date her cousin, and when she pulled up Kevin on Myspace (lol), Kristen had such a great feeling about it!  When Kristen and Kevin met face to face, Kristen, 15, and Kevin, 16, they knew that they were meant for each other. 

Kevin was the first boy allowed to drive her anywhere and also the first boy to take her on a date, so they went big at Pizza Hut in Winder :) 

Kevin and Kristen went on their separate ways throughout the rest of high school until a couple years after high school when they reconnected.  They remembered their first thought about each other, bought a house and were cooking one night when Kristen turned around and Kevin was on one knee, asking her to be with him the rest of their lives. 

Their wedding was in Winder, Georgia, on Kristen's grandpa's farm. The two of them together was incredible to watch - constant giggles and so much love.  After all that they have been through, it was awesome to see such a love, respect, and adoration between the two of them. 

The wedding went so smoothly!! The rain held off and as you tell from below, the land was beautiful! The girls got ready at Kristen's moms house while the boys played some golf and when everyone looked even more beautiful than they already do, we all headed to the venue where a nice sized camper awaited our arrival to shelter us from the humidity.  Kristen's golf coach, Joey Alfonso, officiated the wedding which was so sweet because of their intimate bond that was formed through her accident in high school and coaching her on the golf course.  

My favorite part of the entire wedding was when Kristen danced with her mom.  This was something I had never seen before, but it was so sweet and both were crying by the end of the song.  The rest of the reception was filled with dancing, yummy BBQ, and a rap from Mr. Wolf. 

Kevin and Kristen, I pray that you never forget how special you are to each other.  I pray that you keep Christ at the center of your relationship and say I love you before you close your eyes every night.  I know that you have already been through so much, so I know that you are ready to face whatever trials come your way! You guys were made for each other and I loved being a part of your special day :)

~ Katelyn 

Katelyn Macdowell