Cloudland Canyon State Park

Lauren and I took our first sister trip to Cloudland Canyon State Park in North Georgia this past week and it has now become one of my favorite places I've visited in Georgia! We must have chosen the right time to venture here because the waterfalls were rolling off the cliffs with such force - it was seriously breathtaking.

** Photos taken with Canon 5D Mark iii or GoPro Hero 4 **

We got up to the park around 6:00pm on Monday night and were greeted with a "Campsite Full" sign.  My heart dropped because I knew we both really wanted to go camping (and I didn't have the money to pay for the hotel).  We decided to just drive around and we arrived at what we thought was a tent campsite... it turned out to be an RV campsite so we slept on gravel.  BUT, we were still able to camp - that's all that counts right? :)

We spent our first night hanging out at Overlook #1 and taking the Overlook Trail to Overlook #2... both equally beautiful. 

 Rain and gravel kept us awake that night, but that didn't stop us from getting up and experiencing the crisp air and beautiful views of the West Rim Trail.  This 5 mile loop led us to the other side of the canyon and offered open rocks (for sunbathing), overlooks (for selfies), and even a snake (for running away from).

To finish our full day of adventure, we took the 1.8 mile Waterfall Trail to see two of the most stunning waterfalls I've ever seen.  600 stairs down the towering walls of the canyon landed us at Cherokee Falls and Hemlock Falls.

Now it's time for YOU to make a trip to Cloudland Canyon State Park yourself!!!!