Crook Wedding || Corry House, Union Point GA

Take a look at the dreamy country wedding of Will Crook and Rebecca Hensley!!

They got married at the Corry House in Union Point, GA.  I'd never heard of this venue so I was a little skeptical UNTIL Tiffany and I pulled up to a beautiful red barn, a historic farmhouse, and fields that went on for miles and miles.  Will and Rebecca grew up on the countryside of Oconee County, so this venue was perfect for their wedding!! 

Mr. and Mrs. Crook met in high school through a mutual friend, spent their first date at dinner and a movie, and Will proposed on Valentine's Day a few years later.  He tricked Rebecca into thinking that they were posing for a picture with their dog, until he dropped to one knee and professed he wanted to be with her the rest of his life. :) 

Being the photographer allows me to get to know the couple REALLY quickly on the wedding day and it was easy to see how much Will loves and respects Rebecca and vice versa.  Their relationship was filled with laughter, sweet words, and adoring looks from Will.  I felt very at peace that I was photographing moments that will be looked back on with joy for the rest of their lives.

Speaking of the wedding, it was PERFECT! The bridesmaids spent the first half of the day getting even more beautiful than they already were while the groomsman played corn hole and football - typical :).  The ceremony began as soon as the sun started to make it's way out of the sky, complete with candle lighting, Christ-centered vows, and a selfie on the way out!  As guests were playing with the horses, grabbing a beer, and exploring the beautiful vows, Tiffany and I snuck off with the newly weds to capture some dreamy shots that I'm in LOVE WITH!!! 

The reception was so much fun!! I tried to take clear pictures through my tears during the mother-son dance and through my laughter during the father-daughter dance.  The guests helped make the celebration last all night long with their dancing and kind words to the bride and groom.  And not to mention the CHEESECAKE!!!  Tiffany cheated on her macro diet but she said it was totally worth it because of how glorious the cheesecake tasted.

My favorite part of the entire wedding were the gifts that were given throughout the day.  Rebecca and Will exchanged hand written letters and even though Will is normally not very emotional, his letter was straight from the heart and made his bride cry through her newly done up makeup :).  Rebecca's solid relationship with her parents were demonstrated with the earrings she gave her mother and the engraved pocket knife she gave to her father.  I love this part of weddings because it slows down the craziness of the day and allows the bride to spend a couple minutes alone with her parents, thanking them for everything they have done for her. 

Rebecca and Will, I pray that you never forget how important you are to each other.  I pray that you laugh often, support each other at all times, and say "I love you" every night before you go to sleep.  I pray that ya'll stay rooted in Christ in order for your love for each other to be patient, unconditional, and selfless.  Thank you so much for granting me a window into your great love and allowing me to capture this most special day.

Love, Katelyn  

PS: A couple of these photos were taken by Tiffany-Marie Photography (my FABULOUS helper for the day) and edited by me :)